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Founded by Tayla-Lea Schulz in 2021, Modalità Vacanza was created to celebrate every version of yourself through style. Women are divine multifaceted creatures. We are shaped by our unique experiences, stockpiled memories, sun-soaked day dreams and a buffet of influences we collect like seashells on the way.

We are deeply committed to evolving as an environmentally and socially responsible brand, whilst staying committed to producing pieces that offer a timeless allure.

We love you and we love dressing you. Thank you for riding with us.

Sending you all the love in the world.


1. Reducing our packing by moving towards using sustainable and natural materials whenever possible.

2. Prioritising using organic and recycled fibers to replace the synthetics.

3. Starting up collaborations to invite diverse angels to shoot with us.

4. Perfecting our fits to allow us to expand our size from 4-16.

5. Strengthening our production practices so that we are eliminating as much waste as possible.

6. Continuous dialogue, growth and learning with you, and for you.

Like all things in life, some of our goals will take some time to fully achieve, but we cannot wait to continue to help you celebrate every version of yourself.